Oahu's North Shore – Fun Activities To Do

Welcome to Hawaii, one of the most remote places on Earth. The island of Oahu is the 3rd largest Hawaiian island. At 607 square miles it’s 44 miles in length by thirty three miles wide. Oahu is called the gathering place.

Formed by volcanic eruptions Oahu is the second oldest island. Oahu has 2 unique mountain ranges, the northern Koolau Mountains and western Waianae Mts. The south shore has the famous Waikiki Beach with a bustling night life. The greater rural North Shore, an hour drive away is known for its world renowned surf spots and laid back lifestyle. Here are several of the fun activities to do on the North Shore:

#1 HAWAII SHARK ENCOUNTER: Swim with the sharks from the defense of a shark cage. Travel to Haleiwa town boat harbor. Board the Kainani for the experience of a lifetime. The Galapagos, Seasonal Tiger sharks and sandbar are so incredibly awesome. This educational tour is going to change the perspective of yours of sharks forever. No wonder the Hawaiian’s seen the Shark as an aumakua as well as protector. More than a million sharks are killed every year. We have to defend them. You may also notice sea birds, whales, dolphins, and flying fish. Bring a disposable underwater camera. Two hour trip my #1 adventure.

#2 NORTH SHORE CATAMARAN CHARTERS: Wind in your own hair to get a relaxing sail off the north shore. Travel to the picturesque Haleiwa boat harbor and board the forty foot sailing catamaran Ho’o Nana. Spectacular Sunset cruises, best snorkeling destination in Oahu or even whale watching.

#3 MOKULEIA GLIDER RIDES: Soar above the cliffs of Mokuleia for a spectacular visage of ocean, reefs, beaches and mountains. There is nothing quite like the silence of sailing though the sky. Head out to Mokuleia on Farrington Hwy to Dillingham Airfield.