Eco Friendly Water Bottles – A Step Towards Greening Your Business

Okay, you’re ready to start going green with your business, right? That’s a smart move because these days customers are pretty keen on which businesses are good for the environment and which ones are lacking in the “green” world. And when your customers know that your business is eco friendly, they will be more likely to get this from you. They trust that you are a good business. Being eco friendly sends the right kinds of messages to your customers and potential customers.

Maybe you have already been taking a few steps towards a green business. You could be giving away custom logo bags, which are great for the environment because they are reusable and some are even biodegradable. Or maybe you have been thinking about taking steps towards going green, but have not taking any action.

A great step for any business that would make them a little greener would be to use promotional eco friendly water bottles. People, today, realize that drinking water is a great benefit to their health, and lots of people are drinking more water. A big problem is that they are buying bottled water from the grocery stores, which extremely harmful to the environment. The bottles rarely get recycled and the energy consumed by creating and distributing these bottles of water is greater than the savings even if the plastic was to be recycled. Also, reusing the bottles greatly compromises the quality of the water.

So, as a company, you can take advantage of this opportunity by putting your logo on a reusable water bottle. Make sure that the bottles are BPA Free. By giving these water bottles away to your employees, customers and potential customers, you will greatly reduce the use of water bottles. By giving these bottles to your employees, you will be saving on paper cups that are purchased for the office, not to mention the morale boost you will see when employees receive their own eco friendly water bottle with their company’s logo on it.